Finally Integrating Public Education Is All The Reparations We Need

Finally integrating and raising the academic level of all our schools- public and private- is all the reparations we as a people would need for this country to finally reach its potential for ALL our people. As superb writer and intellect James Baldwin and many others have known for generations, an "educated people, of any color, are so extremely rare that it is unquestionably one of the first tasks of a nation to open all of its schools to all of its citizens."

Covid19: The End Of Justice Under Law?

In the past, we were a nation bound and regulated by enforceable laws only because a super majority of our people normally and voluntarily respected and abided by the law without being compelled to do so by legal process in a court of law or by other governmental action. Covid19 has changed that, so that now there is a significant and ever increasing number of people who are gaming the system, because they know that the number of people making false claims is so large, it is beyond the ability of limited employee government regulatory agencies to effectively monitor and impede this clearly illegal behavior.

400 Years Of Racism Can No Longer Be Resolved With 40 Acres And A Mule

There are several fundamental problems with proposing traditional monetary reparations to former Black slaves and there ancestors. Reparations have traditional been used as reasonably ascertainable compensation for events of limited time duration, like the First World War, where Germany was compelled to pay them. Reparations have also been used as a form of civil and criminal law compensation for reasonably ascertainable monetary loss. Here the uncontested damage to African Americans has taken place- and continues to take place- over a 400 years period of time, making any traditional calculation of damages to African Americans arbitrary and capricious. And more importantly, it would in no way address the underlying and continuing damage this unprecedented wrong has done in the past and continues to do in the present to African Americans.

Did The Cops Really Kill George Floyd in Minneapolis?

The Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis: What We Know So Far ... Merely labeling the Minneapolis police, who killed George Floyd, racist ignores the underlying real cause of these ever more frequently occurring and regrettable situations. In a reality where our society has historically only "nurtured" inferiority in our Black and Latino populations, through quantifiably inferior and still segregated public education, like LAUSD that makes no attempt to educate these minorities to their innate human potential. So the predictable result is that unformed Blacks and Latinos are more likely to subsequently run afoul of the law, when they exit school without an education or any legal job skills. But this predictable reality of higher percentages of uneducated Black and Latinos committing more crime is not politically correct to acknowledge, even when these Black and Latinos are terrorizing their own communities.

Avoiding The Real Issue in L.A. District Attorney Race

Alameda DA Office.pdf
In looking at the present primary race for the office of Los Angeles district attorney, between incumbent Jackie Lacey and her challengers George Gascon and Rachel Rossi, I find it astounding that none of these candidates are willing on any level to deal with the critically important and underlying real causes for why minorities are disproportionately targeted by the district attorney and police.

The News As Dialogue

There is a rather grotesque irony that exists, when it comes to the present day reporting of the news. While unprecedented advances in computer technology should have given the public more access and greater nuanced information, about what's going on in the world today, this incredible technology is actually being purposefully misused to report less and less hard news than ever before. Any hard news that in any way challenges corporate party line is buried or never sees the light of day in mainstream commercial or public media.


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The exclusive remedies of guilty or innocent that the Dallas jury was given as their only options in deciding the Amber Guyger- Botham Jean murder trial could never have been adequate in achieving justice, because they never dealt with the overall racist society context of this regrettable situation in arriving at its verdict.


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The following article is regarding an LAUSD teacher named Edward Carter(LAUSD DOCS WHISTLEBLOWER (1).pdf). Mr. Carter engaged in clearly protected activity by recording via cellphone a student throwing a ball toward Carter's head and torso area. Mr. Carter reported the incident to his site administrator and gave the administrator a copy of the video from his cellphone. According to the letter, site administration deliberately hid the exculpatory evidence from the senior administration and school board of Los Angeles Unified School District, which lead to Mr. Carter being dismissed from LAUSD.


Black Boycott of Public Education.jpg
One action that would finally confront and radically change LAUSD's corrupt administrative culture would be a districtwide strike of all students, so that LAUSD administration could no longer just collect Average Daily Attendance (ADA) money from the State of California, based exclusively on mere student attendance, while continuing to fail to educate the majority of its super majority and yet defacto segregated minority students. It's 65 years after Brown vs. Board of Educations said, "Separate but inherently unequal" and we are more segregated today than we were then.


08 2019


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What has become endemic to large dysfunctional organizations like the non-profit Cedars Sinai Medical Center, is that they clearly don't have enough staff to accomplish even their most basic functions. Cedars tells their clientele that they care and solicit their input to improve service, while by any objective standard they continue to do absolutely nothing to offer even minimally acceptable levels of service- or change any of their entrenched inappropriate and dysfunctional behavior.